Betts urban wildlife reserves

When your development includes an area of residual land that cannot be built on, perhaps due to the existence of rare wildlife species, Betts Estates is able to take the legal ownership of this land and develop it into an attractive urban wildlife reserve, managing it throughout the seasons.

Not only does this specialist ecological work ensure the protection of many important wildlife habitats, it creates a valuable natural environment that local residents can enjoy, adding significant value to the desirability of your property development and offering a point of difference for your sales team to communicate.

Betts Estates own and maintain many wonderful nature reserves across the country, making a difference to the protection of many important species and maintaining the biodiversity of sites that are often in urban surroundings.

The following examples demonstrate how we take on residual land from housing development companies and create something that is both naturally sustainable and enriching for those that live close to it. Our important work also relieves you of the burden from local authority planning requirements placed on green space and residual land across your site, leaving you to focus on the construction of your development.