Betts Estates - Conservation Land Management

We have been working closely with developers and housebuilders since 2008, providing open space and conservation land management services that start with the client’s initial design. Our experts take the strain on this essential area of development, planning and constructing the outcome for you, whilst formulating a long-term programme for the open space management.

Our service to you is bespoke and with total focus on value for money. We provide you with effective solutions for your green space that will manage the biodiversity improvement of the site, for the benefit and enjoyment of the residents that live in the local area.

Added value for community developments

Going forward, we proactively work with homeowners on a regular basis, ensuring that these open spaces are well cared for and enhance the recreational and social cohesion of estate village developments, thereby potentially improving property values.

On completion of a development site, Betts Estates can take ownership of the open space land, working with your sales team to inform purchasers of our important role in nurturing part of their investment. We can provide informative literature and over time, keep all homeowners fully updated via a restricted area on our website to which they can gain access, and an effective reporting and contact system. Working to a clearly agreed programme over the seasons, it is easy for everyone concerned to understand how Betts will be working to manage their open space throughout the year.

A varied portfolio of open space management

Whether it’s amenity grasslands, parks, cycle tracks, SuDs schemes, woodlands, listed structures or play areas, we can confidently manage and develop your area of green open space. Our current portfolio of sites is wide and varied, benefitting from our ecological expertise and reputation for excellent results.

Should you have a new project on the horizon, please do contact us for an initial discussion and to understand how our conservation land management and open spaces management can help you.

Looking for landscape maintenance during development or without land adoption? Please visit our Betts Grounds Maintenance page.