Environmental Land Management & Maintenance

Land management services provided by Betts Estates are ideal to add sustainable value to new housing developments. With expertise on-hand from our ecology division, open green space can benefit from a commitment to excellent environmental practices, which enhance site biodiversity and create a high quality natural area that many home-owners aspire to retain in their community, for the benefit of their families and wildlife alike.

Trusted by household names

Major developers and prestigious residential projects across the UK use our environmental land management services and trust us to deliver the optimum outcome for them. Betts Estates can also offer guidance and assistance where planning consent and legal framework is required. Additionally, our specialism enables us to develop the overall design for a management plan, as well as implementing it. We can provide constructive and creative solutions to the administration of open space, woodlands, Suds, listed structures and play areas.

Residual land adoption is a further activity that Betts Estates can become involved in, often concerning sites in urban surroundings. Following adoption, we can then maintain these important areas as wildlife reserves for the local community to enjoy together.

Keep your site looking at its best

In addition to our wide-reaching environmental land management services, Betts offers contracted grounds maintenance services that can include mowing, hedging, weeding and other vital tasks that maintain and enhance a residential development site during construction or indeed, during the sale phase.

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Betts Estates – land management

A bespoke service that specialises in natural park and amenity environments for prestigious residential developments. Enjoy an end-to-end service, from legal and planning advice to transfer of land ownership and an ongoing relationship with residents.

Betts grounds maintenance

Offering high-quality site maintenance services all year round, we manage the long-term responsibility of open space for developers, local housing authorities and resident associations. We undertake mowing, hedging, weeding, planting, pond clearance and much more.