This is a special notice from Betts Ecology.

Our amphibians, like so much wildlife, have not been having an easy time of it lately. What with diseases, habitat destruction, climate change, waterway pollution and predation, it is hard to thrive in the current environment if you are a newt, frog or toad.

At this time of year, our amphibians are beginning their breeding season, and many are making their way back to their breeding sites – some have already returned to the water as it has been so mild. These sites are often ponds to which access means crossing a road from where the amphibians have been hibernating. Sadly, we are already seeing and hearing about squashed herpetofauna, especially on these warm nights when there is rain ­– the animals often move after dark when it is wet and so more comfortable for them. They don’t move quickly and only too often fail to avoid fast moving traffic.

So please, take extra care when driving on roads near ponds and let the amphibians have a chance to cross safely. There are some dedicated folk who are forming local groups to help the amphibians on roads where this problem is known to occur and cause significant amphibian mortality, so do join them if you want to help – your local county wildlife trust will be able to give you a contact.

Thank you.

Betts Ecology