Water Vole Surveys

Undertaking specialist water vole surveys can help to avoid any negative impact on these protected species; both in terms of their numbers and their habitat. By acting early, most problems associated with this species can be resolved and you can ensure that you adhere to procedural rules. It’s interesting to note that water voles are territorial and usually live within five metres of water.

Wherever development may affect this species, their burrows or other parts of their habitat, advance water vole surveys must be conducted by a suitably-trained zoologist to assess the impact of the proposals.  Survey methods can be expected to include specialist investigations of the site, trail cameras and associated territories and local record searches.

Survey Methods

Actual sightings of water voles are rare and  surveying techniques focus on the observation of characteristic field signs including feeding stations, burrows, footprints, faeces and latrines.  Usually two survey visits are necessary, one during mid-April to June and a second from July-September.

Licensing & Mitigation

Before undertaking any works that may impact upon water voles, a licensed ecologist may need to apply for a derogation licence from the appropriate statutory body for nature conservation.  This licence permits operations which would otherwise constitute an offence and our ecologist would work with you to develop a suitable mitigation plan.

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