Dormouse Surveys

Hazel (sometimes called the Common Dormouse) Dormouse Surveys

Our dormouse surveys will ensure that any negative impact on this species and their habitat is avoided. Many problems can be resolved by early action, adequate survey and adherence to procedural rules.  Note that dormice populations are low density - three to ten individuals ha-1.

Wherever development will unavoidably affect these mammals or habitat that may be used by them, advance dormouse surveys must be conducted by a suitably-trained an experienced zoologist to assess the impact on development.

Survey methods can be expected to include specialist searches for dormouse signs, sticky "hair tubes" which harmlessly gather hairs when dormice pass through them, local records searches and, in some cases, trapping.

There are numerous different types of hazel dormouse surveys, further details of which can be found by reading our free fact/guide sheets, or calling our office.

Dormouse Survey Methods

Should a development works impact upon a potential dormouse habitat, a licensed ecologist may need to carry out a nest tube survey to confirm if the presence/absence of species.

Although used in combination with nut and nest searches, the standard survey method for confirming dormouse presence is a nest tube survey.

  • Nest tubes: Nest tubes are established in suitable locations across the potential habitat. Monitored once per month during April through to November.
  • Nut search: Examining the site for hazel nuts opened by dormice.
  • Nest search: Examining the site for dormice nests.

Licensing & Mitigation

If dormouse survey confirms the presence of dormice, a licensed ecologist will need to apply for a derogation licence, before any development works can commence which may impact upon dormice. A derogation licence, from the appropriate statutory body for nature conservation, permits operations, which would otherwise constitute an offence. Our ecologists  would work with you in order to develop a suitable mitigation plan and strategy.

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