Ecology & Biodiversity Services

Pre-planning surveys and appraisals

We’re confident that our wide range of ecological services can support your specific planning requirements to achieve your project aims. When it comes to ecological surveys, we can help you deliver either small scale scoping surveys or a full suite of specialist surveys for environmental impact assessments.

Whether it is for phase 1 habitat assessments (ecological walkover), bat surveys, newt surveys, badger surveys, bird surveys, other protected species surveys, EIAs or EcIAs, our expert ecological services have been supporting property developers, land owners and site managers throughout the UK since 1985. Indeed, we’re proud to confirm that all of our ecological team are members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).

Achieve swift planning consent with the right environmental assessments

Using our expert knowledge of government legislation concerning ecological planning law and policy, we work with you to identify and resolve the requirements for environmental compliance from initial ownership of land or from your first planning application.

We undertake specific environmental surveys, dependent on the nature of the land, or consider much broader Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs & EcIAs). Our specialists help you to determine what ecological services are necessary for your particular project, based on your requirements, your budget and your planning obligations. Commercially minded, we know that our ecology services must be cost effective and add real value to your project outcome.

Delivering expertise and natural balance

Planning departments across the UK are used to working with ecological specialists such as Betts Ecology and know that we’re equipped to help our clients deliver high-quality survey reports for their planning process. They also value that we continually look to promote and enhance the biodiversity of your land and open spaces, carrying out effective environmental surveys and undertaking important licensed work with protected species.

Talk to us as early as you can in your project timeline and we will guide you through the work that is required, clearly costing each stage. Betts Ecology can take the strain and ensure that you get this specialist area of your planning application right first time, potentially reducing your costs and helping you to progress your project swiftly, with all environmental concerns addressed.

Post planning mitigation and habitat enhancement

We can deliver your successful planning project outcome with our experience in large scale species translocation works, creation of artificial badger setts and licensed bat roost closure.

During your site-build programme, our skilled ecologists (clerk of works) can be flexible and point out the seasonal constraints decisions in a balanced manner.

Please talk to us about how our expert ecological services can help you progress your project.

Optimum Survey Periods Chart

Please download our Optimum Survey Period Chart for the most common species. It is a snapshot of the surveys we undertake, so if you do not see what you are looking for, please phone our friendly team on 01886 888445.