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From bats, badgers and newts, to rivers and arboricultural surveys, let us support your planning requirements so that you achieve your aims. 

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Bat surveys

A qualified assessment of bat presence; in buildings, underground and in trees. Be equipped with expert advice to act on.

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Badger identified in Extended Phase 1 survey

Badger surveys

Widespread across the UK, it’s important to understand the presence of badger communities ahead of land development.

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Arboricultural Surveys

Planning departments will expect adequate protection of notable trees on your land. Our comprehensive surveys fully inform you.

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Entomological surveys

Our surveys determine the presence and significance of many insects, allowing for their accommodation in your plans.

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What is an ecological survey?

Ecological surveys can be general, or more specific to a particular habitat or species. Whatever the survey type, its purpose is to identify the habitats or species in question within a given area and, where development proposals are concerned, assess the impact of the plans on the biodiversity of the land.

Whilst developers often see such surveys as a “necessary evil”, they are designed to work with the planning process constructively. Identifying ecological issues early on can enable mitigation against any detriment to them, successfully moving your planning application forward.

Why are ecology surveys important?

From a land development perspective, ecology surveys identify any natural constraints that must be accommodated. They don’t hinder the planning process, they work with it.

For example, if bats are discovered on your land, an ecology survey will identify the particular area of habitat and the likely numbers in existence. By taking the right advice and accommodating these bats in your plans, (with the addition of bat houses and consideration to particular areas) your planning application is likely to progress more swiftly, avoiding costly delays.

What is a phase 1 habitat survey?

Also known as a preliminary ecological appraisal, a phase 1 habit survey is an overall inspection of the site. It can be carried out at any time of the year.

Specific habitats and species can be identified at a broad level, allowing for more specific investigation work to be identified. Of particular interest will be rare plants and protected animal species.

From this survey, you’ll receive a comprehensive ecology report for your site, allowing you to discuss particular issues in more detail.

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