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Bat surveys

A qualified assessment of bat presence; in buildings, underground and in trees. Be equipped with expert advice to act on.

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Badger identified in Extended Phase 1 survey

Badger surveys

Widespread across the UK, it’s important to understand the presence of badger communities ahead of land development.

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Arboricultural surveys

Planning departments will expect adequate protection of notable trees on your land. Our comprehensive surveys fully inform you.

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Entomological surveys

Our surveys determine the presence and significance of many insects, allowing for their accommodation in your plans.

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What is an ecological report?

You’ve most likely been asked to produce an ecological report because you’re progressing a planning application to develop a piece of land. Such a document is produced on completion of the necessary ecological survey. This must be done by a suitably qualified ecologist.

An ecological survey identifies the habitat or species in existence on a particular piece of land. There are general surveys and more specific investigations. The resulting report can be used to constructively discuss biodiversity issues that might be impacted by the land development and determine how best to mitigate against this. Proactive action like this will speed your planning application along.

How much does an ecological report cost?


There is no fixed price for an ecological report. Just as there is no fixed survey or report. You must discuss your specific requirements with an experienced ecological consultant as soon as you wish to progress your development project.

Most importantly, you should ensure that the work you commission is relevant to your project and that it will help to progress your planning application. Your ecological consultant should be able to help you scope this out.

At Betts, the cost of our ecological reports start at £350. Why not get in touch and let us give you an accurate quote for your specific project?

How long is an ecological report valid for?


Nothing is static in the natural environment and so the biodiversity of your land is likely to continually change over time. For that reason, it is generally accepted that ecological reports can remain valid for a period of 12 months. Beyond that time, you may be advised to reassess the situation, given that species can move around and habitats can change.

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