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Not sure what route you need? We’ve got three pathways to help with your open space management. Tried and trusted by major household names. There’s an easy way to ensure the natural area around your development is correctly developed and managed. 

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Resident funded schemes

Convert your open space liability under Local Authority section 106 into a resident funded scheme. 

Our package of land ownership transfer and long-term maintenance leaves your business free to move on to the next housing project. You’ll feel confident that you’ve complied with your obligations and managed the reputation of your latest development. 

We run numerous resident funded schemes for major PLC housebuilders across the UK. 

From the outset, we’ll guide you through the planning, legalities, handover, and communication of this plan to your residents. We’re with you every step of the way. 

And when you leave the site, we carry on. Incorporating a specialist management company to handle regular payments from all residents, we’ll deliver your plans and maintain the area for the enjoyment of all. 

Residents can log in to our online portal, specific to their estate. They’re kept updated on our work through the seasons and we have a dedicated helpdesk to support their queries. 

Our resident funded scheme is a proven method that benefits your business and every householder. We make it happen, taking the liability and stress away from you.

Associated stewardship 

Want to retain ownership of the land? Then, this package fits well. 

Benefit from preferential contractor rates coupled with Managing Agent expertise to collect funds from residents in association with your management company.

We understand your soil type, we know what to plant. We’ll make your open space thrive. 

Most importantly, we take the strain for you. 

Contractors can do the maintenance work required, but they don’t have the specialist knowledge to develop a long-term biodiversity plan. By working with Betts, you get the best of both. 

Meadows, woodland, wetland, SuDs, play areas, special features. We’re experts in all types of natural landscape. Month to month, your plan will clearly explain our work. Mowing, planting, pond clearance, SuDs maintenance, hedging, and leaf clearing. It’s all handled by our highly-trained team. 

Need us to work with a management company or resident association? No problem. We’re flexible in our approach so you have the service you need.


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Private transfer

We know it’s common for housing developers to own pieces of residual land with no commercial value.

And they just become baggage!

You’re liable for their upkeep and yet they pose no potential to you.

Betts Estates offers a commuted sum route, ideal for open space like this. Our urban wildlife reserves are a testament to the process. 

Taking the land off your hands, we’ll engage with local communities and use our ecological expertise to enhance the natural charm of the area. We’ll encourage wildlife and ensure a planned management system to improve urban corridors. Whenever suitable, we’ll re-wild areas too. Always looking to focus on biodiversity and enjoyment for the local community. 

Our current urban wildlife reserves include: 

Cromwell's Crossing Reserve

Barford Bat Barn

Banner Meadow Reserve

River Wharfe Viaduct Reserve