How we work

Open space management can seem like an unwelcome responsibility. Yet, we know how to do this, for the benefit of stakeholders, homeowners and the environmental enhancement. Let us take on the task; from planning permission to ongoing management; we are happy to work as a team. Your obligation is covered, your reputation intact. You simply focus on building great houses.

Helping your planning permission

Talk to us early. We’ll help you with your planning application, ensuring you meet your biodiversity obligations. Your local authorities (many who know Betts Estates) will receive the plans and documentation they need to progress your application smoothly – and swiftly.

Transparent estimates

Send us your site plan, details about habitats and features, plus the size of your development. Tell us if you’re looking for a full land transfer to Betts (setting up a resident funded scheme) or if you wish to retain ownership. From here, we’ll create a clear estimate for you.


Supporting the legal process

The legalities can become a lengthy procedure, what with wayleaves, bylaws and many other complexities to navigate. Remember: we’ve done this many times before. We’ll help you through the process, getting everything correctly in place. 

Marketing help for your sales team

When the time is right, we can provide your sales team with leaflets to communicate your open space plans. Added value like this can make a difference to your prospective customers.

A smooth handover

When your development is built out and you’re ready to hand over, we’ll make this transition as easy as possible. Should you need planting guidance ahead of this point, we’re happy to help. Need competent contractors? Just ask.


Friendly engagement with residents

We work hard to keep residents connected and involved in their community. We invite every householder to register on our secure online portal. Here, they can access all their documentation, plus learn about site maintenance, news, updates, and site development plans. Homeowners are provided with dedicated helpdesk support.

A specialist management company takes charge of all billing matters.


Your environmental legacy is honoured

In short, we deliver what you promise. Your project is assured and the residents in your new development enjoy the enhancement that careful planning of their environmental surroundings brings to their daily lives. Your reputation is enhanced without the hassle of trying to action these obligations yourself and you have promoted a happy and engaged community.


Please get in touch to learn more