Benefits to you

The question is, why should you use an open space management company such as Betts Estates? What’s in it for you? We’ll explain succinctly …

Take the hassle away 

We’ve got answers to all your questions. We’ve experienced all the common headaches and created sustainable solutions to make them go away. Hire the right company and relax, knowing you've eased the strain around this aspect of your development project. 

Get your planning permission faster

Local authorities are getting tougher on housing developers. You’ve got to meet their requirements to get your project underway. This generally requires the provision of a biodiversity plan. It might also mean the production of a management plan to detail how this will be developed and managed.

Get us involved from the start and we’ll help you with this. Local authorities know Betts. We know what they want. We'll keep the process moving and help you achieve consent more quickly.


Avoid a frustrating legal process 

It’s a minefield and it’s time-consuming. With our involvement, you’ve got all the support you need. Wayleaves, bylaws, we’ve dealt with it all before – many times. It’s far easier when you have the specialists on call.

Add value to your houses

Your housing development will stand out against competitors when you've got a creative vision for your open space. Commit to developing a welcoming, natural space on their doorstep and encourage prospective buyers to favour your development over others.

Enjoy sales support 

We help your sales team communicate your plans for open space to prospective buyers. We can provide you with literature to explain the plan and showcase how it will enhance the immediate area for residents to enjoy their surroundings.


Meet your obligations with ease

Like it or not, all open space has to be developed according to agreed plans. By hiring Betts, you avoid getting bogged down in something that’s not your expertise. Ensure your reputation is maintained by delivering a sustainable structure for the development and management of open space for all residents - from their initial purchase, for many years to come. 


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