Betts Estates

Continuing Restoration of Services at Betts Estates

Date: 22 June 2020

We again extend our thanks to all our residents for their understanding and patience while we continue to restore services. Although the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis continues, we have been able to make steady progress during June in line with what is permitted by government advice and constraints. 

We are pleased to confirm that Betts Estates’ planned phased restart of site management works is on schedule and, although some sites are still waiting for operations, others have already had all or most works restored. This process of restoration of services coupled with monitoring evaluations and inspections by our specialist staff is proceeding as quickly as possible.

Please bear with us while we complete this challenging work under what are still significantly restrictive conditions to keep you, our staff and everyone safe.

We continue to ask everyone for their support in ensuring our operatives are able to meet all social distancing rules, however these may change, while at your site. 

Please remain observant of the following:

  1. Unless in an emergency, please do not approach our site staff under any circumstances.
  2. If there is an emergency on site, please call the emergency services. Please also leave a message with our main office on 01886 888445.
  3. Any questions or queries relating to site management should be raised in the first instance via our helpdesk system, which can be found at
  4. If you need to speak with someone, please phone 01886 888445 and leave a message. Our main number will still not be staffed for the time being, but voicemails will be checked at regular intervals, so please leave details and your message will be sent to the correct department for action.
  5. Please ensure you include your address and phone number/email address in all calls and correspondence, so that we can respond in a timely manner.
  6. Our staff may wear body cameras in order to protect themselves. They have been instructed to maintain current social distancing rules at all times.
  7. If our staff are approached in a way that contravenes any current government safety guidance, they have been given the authority to leave the site, and site works at that location may be compromised.
  8. Please keep in mind that our operatives will still be working alone for the time being, and the types of site works we are able to complete will reflect this.

Please remember that an initial site walkover will identify areas of work that most urgently need to be completed. Works commence once we have received that feedback and created an action plan. We appreciate your ongoing support while we bring the sites up to standard.

We understand that this is still a difficult time for everyone. If you have any comments or questions, please submit those via the helpdesk link above.

Betts Estates

The importance of our natural environment is clear, whether it’s a small pocket of land or a swathe of beautiful countryside. Every square metre that we enhance helps the overriding goal of protecting our future.

This vision is central to Betts Estates.

With our expert ecology division to hand, we sustainably manage areas of green space for developers and landowners.

From concept and design to ongoing maintenance, we’ll create a plan to enhance your site's biodiversity, complete the work and continually manage your green space.

It benefits everyone: the local authority, your business, residents, and the planet.

Residents living within the green space we manage enjoy nature on their doorstep. From meadows to woodland, hedgerows to waterways, we design and manage these areas, always with environmental protection in mind.

Grass is kept longer to encourage insects and birdlife. Wooded areas, hedgerows, ponds and wetland will be nurtured to welcome inhabitants such as mammals and water life.

Promoting biodiversity is better for everyone. 

Developers: get in touch with us

Trusted by household names

Major PLC housing developers choose Betts Estates to manage their green space -with good reason.

A long-standing team, we’re equipped with all the skills and knowledge you need to get the job done well. Local planning departments like Betts. They welcome our in-depth biodiversity plans to meet your environmental obligations.

Our input smooths your progress. It gets your development underway sooner.

And doing the right thing adds value to your site. House buyers will appreciate the nurtured environment they’re choosing to live in. Their own piece of nature to help their family’s wellbeing.


Residual land adoption

We’re committed to our vision. To that end, we’ve adopted many pieces of residual land and features of no commercial value to developers: assorted grassland, pools, waterways, archaeological sites, ancient woodland, bat lofts, disused railway tracks, local nature reserves and Sites of Biological Interest, even a heritage railway viaduct!

Over time, we develop these corridors of nature for the local community to enjoy. Planting, restoring and landscaping to encourage wildlife, fauna and flora.

We’re very proud of our urban reserves.

We'll even take care of play areas and sustainable drainage basins too.

See our current urban reserves.



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