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You’ll appreciate the importance of protecting wildlife and natural habitats. We all do. But when this impacts on your land development project, it can be frustrating.

Local authorities require surveys to be carried out, and specific documentation to be submitted, prior to considering your planning application. Wildlife regulations concerning protected species are complex, to say the least. Nobody wants to get this wrong.

And your project? Well, it can suffer a slow and bumpy ride through the planning process, sometimes delaying your ideal start date significantly.

Fast-track the planning process

Betts works with landowners and developers to speed through the planning process, reaching consent more easily – and faster. We’re known by many local authorities. They like us because we know what they want.

Whether you need a single ecological survey or a complex programme of survey work, we’ll support you through the process, advising you on the actions that will achieve the best outcome.

Most importantly, we’ll accelerate your planning consent by giving the local authorities what they need, in language they understand.

Our input will help you get planning permission faster.

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Meet your open space obligations with ease

If you’re a housing developer, our work can go further than this. We design and manage open space for many residential estates across the Midlands and Yorkshire.

Your planning consent generally includes obligations for open space and biodiversity. But you’re housebuilders, not ecologists! And once you’ve built the site, you want to move on and place the responsibility elsewhere

We work with major PLC housebuilders, helping them meet their obligations, whilst adding value to their development. Buy working with Betts, you’re free to focus on building houses. We can pick up the open space management for you.

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More about Betts

Founded in 1985 by Christopher Betts, Betts Ecology and Estates exists to help landowners and developers smoothly navigate through their obligations to achieve planning consent. And to support developers with their open space management.

But we’re so much more than that.

With decades of experience and a host of ecological and scientific skills in-house, we work with you to conserve and enhance biodiversity, wherever possible.

Land development is necessary. And it can be done in harmony with nature, to the benefit of stakeholders and homeowners. We can show you how.

When we manage open space, we like to think we’re creating pockets of nature on peoples’ doorsteps. Not only does this enhance their lives (and contribute to the area’s biodiversity) it builds your reputation as a developer and adds value to your sites.

If a protected species exists on your land, we can offer proven mitigation methods to develop in harmony with it. A problem can actually become a benefit!

Should you own a piece of residual land, we can relieve you of the burden and nurture it with biodiversity in mind. In this way, urban wildlife corridors are expanding, providing local communities with something very special.

Want to work with us? We’d love to hear from you.

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